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        1. เครือข่ายโดเมนโดเมนโกลเด้น

          is kind of our thing.

          New Name, Same Digs.

          Humble Pie is now The Heat.

          The cornerstone to a great pie is

          the freshest, flakiest, butteriest dough around.

          Cold One?

          We've Got You Covered With Ales, Ciders, Stouts and Lagers.

          Heat Approved!

          Don't worry...

          We have hand-tossed crust too!

          Lawfully Delicious

          The Heat, formerly known as Humble Pie, is the number one spot for that flaky, crusty, saucy dish we call Chicago-style deep dish pizza. There’s absolutely nothing like it anywhere around Oklahoma City. Located off Broadway in Edmond, it’s the OKC Metro’s best-kept secrets. Word on the street is some people consider it even better than the Windy City’s own – but we didn’t say that.

          Check out our menu and give us a call to place your order. Or just drop on by.

          The Most Wanted

          These fan favorites are so good it should be illegal. Give them a try the next time you e in!

          The Supreme

          This pie doesn't hold back. Get your fill of amazing toppings.

          Get a Closer Look

          The Death Star

          That's no moon.

          Dig In.

          Pizza Hours

          It's Monday and we're closed. Double Whammy.